Armelia Bride offers a full range of professional services including restyling and embellishment.

We had worked with a prestige and exclusive Bridal Wear companies across England for many years.

From 2014 we become a small independent home-based business in Bristol.

Our high experience, quality and professional approach to an individual will understand your needs and requirements in every single detail to ensure your vision is transformed into reality.


Buy your foundation garments before your first fitting and bring them to all of your fittings. Your foundation garments will affect the way the dress hangs on your figure.

Bring a certain bra or corset.

Ditto for your shoes. Obtain the perfect shoes before your first fitting.


We believe in charging our customers a fair and reasonable price, therefore we undertake regular research to ensure our rates are moderate.

The exact cost is largely dependent on the dress/garment itself ( construction, detailing itc. ) and the complexity of the work is involve in alterations/ restyling/ customising.

For this reason, we are unable to provide an accurate quote for your alterations until we have been seen your dress and assessed exactly what will be involved in completing and adjustment.

We would agree on the cost with you prior to starting any work.

If we reduce the size of your wedding dress and it still does not fit correctly when you try on, we would not change you again for working on the same area.

All fittings including the initial consultations are Free.